Did you know water pitchers, jugs and carafes date back to Medieval times and even earlier? Just go to any art museum and you’ll find some of the oldest items in antiquity collections are life’s essentials: tools for drinking water. In modern day times, a carafe is still often placed bedside, but most often its purpose is serving as a well-designed accessory, not likely getting used when there is a need to quench one’s thirst at bedtime. But the truth is many enjoy keeping some kind of beverage nearby in case of a dry mouth, abrupt cough or occasional stir at night. Wouldn’t it be nice if that drink were chilled?

The uses for a Beverage Center in an upstairs hallway, or Undercounter Refrigerator Drawers in the bathroom go far beyond just late-night chilled drinks. Did you know dozens of non-food items also store well refrigerated? Here are just a few:

Nail Polish: Keeping nail polish cool helps avoid clumps building up inside the bottle. Go ahead, splurge on that Chanel!

Sunscreen: Wouldn’t it feel great to beat the summer heat and stay protected from the sun with a cool application of sunscreen to start your day? Enough said!

Eye Cream: When eye cream is chilled, the effect when applied is smoother more rested looking skin!

Batteries: Storing batteries in the refrigerator (or somewhere dark and cool) helps them stay fresh and keep their charge.

Candles: Enjoy longer burn time and fewer drips from a nicely chilled candle in a jar.

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