There are so many incredible uses for a good Ice Machine, but as we’ve said before, our Clear Ice Machine is the perfect choice for cocktails. It’s the highest performing, most energy-efficient ice machine on the market available to homeowners. But what we haven’t covered is how exceptionally effective ice machines serve as absolute gems to chefs, especially those that take their work home. To get a little behind-the-scenes information on the daily habits of a chef, we tapped Berkshires-based culinary consultant for the hospitality industry and various retail brands, Katy Sparks, to give us the rundown on why ice machines are so important, both at home and in a commercial kitchen.

“Chefs have a special attachment to ice machines since we use ice for so many reasons besides chilling a good martini after a shift or an at-home dinner party for gourmands,” says Sparks. “We use ice to rapidly chill soups, sauces, stews, and stocks—basically as a way to bring the temperature down as quickly as possible to store foodstuff in the fridge in the most hygienic way possible. Applying this tactic helps ensure the healthiness of the food since bacteria can grow quickly in any deep container, with any type of food. It also serves the dual purpose of preserving/maintaining maximum flavor and the item’s shelf life. In addition, ice also keeps our ‘mise en place’ nice and cold while we are putting a meal together. There is nothing more important to efficiency than having our small, pre-prepped containers of ingredients right at hand so that when we are in front of the stove, we can move quickly and adroitly. Keeping your prepped ingredients at just the right temperature safety zone is key—room temperature is too warm and we don’t want to be reaching in and out of our refrigerators every few minutes. Ice always does the trick.”

While most of us at home always thought of ice as perfect for cocktail hours, thicker smoothies, and filling in the cooler for outdoor pool parties, the at-home chef uses it for so many wide-ranging reasons—especially when hosting that special dinner party. Sparks’ enlightening look at professional chefs’ takes on ice machines is par for the course for most chefs, but for her, it’s a particular boon to have a machine that exhibits incredible functionality. Sparks’ unique focus on innovative, sustainable, and nutritious food equals a need for an ice machine that caters to exacting standards. Our Clear Ice Machine not only produces up to 70lbs of clear ice per day and has a storage capacity of 28lbs, but it has style to boot! It’s available in our extensive array of custom finish and hardware options, yielding 54 unique color combinations. Get iced!