Rum Diaries with Mixologist Marlo Gamora – As the holidays approach, the enticing aroma of cinnamon and nutmeg-laden baked goods wafting out of the oven, heady cocktails accented with sparkling snowflake-like garnishes, and joyful jingles aplenty always set the mood. From the bulge-inducing hearty fare to the libations-encouraging merry-making, to the hilarity of white elephant-style gift swapping, there is so much to look forward to. But as we cozy up near the fireplace to plan our upcoming holiday shindigs, there is nothing we enjoy more than a cocktail with a twist.

OpenIceMachineAnd therein enters our 15” Clear Ice Machine—because as any mixologist worth his spirits knows, you can’t have a truly great cocktail without some seriously good ice. One of our favorite NYC-based mixologists, Marlo Gamora, elaborates: “whether you are sipping spirits or imbibing a stirred cocktail, clear ice is the absolute best ice you can use. It is so much denser than regular ice, so the melting speed is much slower—allowing one to actually enjoy their drink. It’s also pretty sexy to see right through your spirit or cocktail thanks to an elegant glass and clear ice.” We agree! 

In addition, the True Undercounter Clear Ice machine is the highest performing, most energy-efficient clear ice machine on the market available to homeowners. Which, as anyone who loves holiday parties or the after-work cocktail hour knows, is quite a vital element. The ice machine breaking down in the middle of a grand soirée or when anticipating that much-needed after work cocktail or after dinner digestif? That will definitely put a damper on any festivity, large or small. That Murphy’s Law-type occurrence is inevitable at one point or another—just not likely with our machine. Not only can you rest assured that clear ice-laden cocktails will soon be on hand for both you and your guests, they are also outfitted with our patented TruLumina lighting. The excitement begins when opening the door! From a party-starting fuschia hue to a soothing blue and a fiery red, each color is designed to set the mood. Furthermore, homeowners can choose from 48 unique finish and hardware options from our Build Your True collection for one stylish exterior.


Our aptly named unit, as we stated above, truly does produce perfectly clear ice. Forget the cloudy cubes that dominate the market, our perfectly clear ice elevates any cocktail to a work of art. Despite its small square footage, our machine also produces up to 70lbs a day of clear ice, and it can store 28lbs at a time. So in essence, it’s cocktail hour, every hour, on the hour.

Marlo GamoraFinally, for those who have been waiting with cocktail mixer + stirrer in hand, below, mixologist Marlo Gamora was kind enough to share a recipe for a holiday-inspired Rum Old Fashioned! As the New York ambassador for Santa Teresa 1976 rum—an independent, family-run Venezuelan company built on over 200 years of tradition—Gamora is our go-to-guide on a holiday-themed rum cocktail.

And as a recent study showcased on stated, an increased interest in rum and rum-based cocktails is bringing on a ‘rumolution.’ Whatever your preference, we suggest you try Gamora’s delicious take on a Rum Old Fashioned—with our clear ice of course. Feeling a bit daunted? “Old Fashioned cocktails are a simple, classic cocktail that anyone can make, and personalize to their taste,” says Gamora. “They are especially comforting during the holidays to combat the cooler temperatures. Old Fashioneds can also be made with any spirit: from whisky, to mexcal, tequila, gin, and my personal favorite, aged rum.”

Another bit of advice from our resident rum mixologist? “What’s great about an Old Fashioned, if you stick to the recipe, ingredients can easily be swapped out. For example: in the Santa Teresa 1976 Old Fashioned, you can switch out the Angostura bitters for chocolate bitters and garnish it with a cinnamon stick,” he says. Why such a love for Santa Teresa 1796 rum? As Gamora explains, “Santa Teresa 1796 rum is unique in its flavor profile: It is a bold, elegant rum with a blend ranging from four to 35 years aged in bourbon oak barrels for that smooth, dry, and balanced flavor.”

Marlo Gamora’s Rum Old Fashioned!  

2oz. Santa Teresa 1796

.25oz Simple syrup

2 dashes of Angostura Bitters

Stir and strain into a rocks glass with a large clear ice cube. Garnish with an orange twist.