Brooklyn RooftopA refrigerator has a full-time job that never stops. It stays on all day, all night and all year long. And because it’s the busiest appliance in the home, it’s best to give it regular cleanings. After all, it houses spills, milk rings, food odors and can often be overcrowded with long expired foods and leftovers.

Here at TRUE, we do our part in keeping products clean and taking care of keeping food fresh by offering precision temperature control. All of our products are designed with state of the art equipment that has made us the top in refrigeration for decades. But we also understand that food storage varies in every home and kitchen. Here are some tips to help keep your unit fresh and clean.

Cleaning solutions:

Since you are cleaning around food that will be consumed, it’s best to use a solution of two parts water and one part vinegar to make your own spray. Alternatively, try a mild dishwashing soap and soft towel for wiping down shelves, followed by a damped towel for rinsing and then a separate one for drying.

Storing suggestions:

Wipe the bottoms of jars, bottles and containers before storing them and after each use. This helps prevent sticky jelly build up, milk rings and tip leaks that come in contact with other food items, thus leaving a mess behind. Store leftovers in air tight containers to avoid odors, or use ziploc bags for easy disposal if the leftovers are not consumed.

Handling expiration dates:

Store items like fruit cartons, yogurt and cheese in easy to view spots so as times passes, mold and bacteria is not able to grow and be stored on any unused items. Periodically check expiration dates on dressings and condiments to prevent build up in door storage where it might be harder to see food and liquid build up collecting. Remember even though many items have a longer shelf life, once opened, their freshness can be compromised.