While the kitchen has become the nexus of domestic life, people are finding novel uses for undercounter refrigeration throughout other spaces in the home—especially in the master bedroom and bath.


Refrigeration is not just about food storage. Refrigeration is also essential to maintaining the freshness of items traditionally stored in bathroom cabinets. Medications and vitamins, for instance, are often best kept at below-room temperature. The humidity and steam typical of most bathrooms can in fact shorten the freshness of some medications, vitamins, and beauty products.  Including a small refrigerator in a bedroom provides easier access to potentially critical medications that require refrigerated storage.

CropMakeup and moisturizers are also prone to oxidation, since they contain oils that can turn rancid. As master suites expand to include vanities and large-spa-style bathtubs, small refrigerators provide a useful means of protecting makeup from heat and steam that can spur the growth of bacteria. Cold temperatures also greatly enhance the soothing, therapeutic effects of face creams.

To answer this full range of needs, True manufactures a 15-inch refrigerator perfect for applications all around the home.  True’s exclusive balanced refrigeration system has the capacity to keep dairy- and yogurt-based face creams refreshingly cool at temperatures as low as 33°F. Whether incorporated into a morning bar or in a vanity as a spa-and makeup station, True’s 15-inch under-counter refrigerator includes an industry-exclusive, 300-series stainless steel interior which can be customized with an infinite variety of overlays, and a TruLumina™ LED lighting system to softly illuminate contents in 14 different colors with the push of a button.

After over 70 years of innovation in commercial refrigeration, True brings professional-grade quality into homes. No matter what size or application, we have solutions for your refrigeration needs.