As the summer months approach, basking in the sun, splashing around the pool, beaches, mai tais, and fully decked-out outdoor spaces beckon. If the past year has shown anything, it’s that the home will increasingly be THE place to entertain. And when it comes to entertaining, colors that pop instantly infuse a space with a cheerful vibe. Below, find five of our favorite finishes for summer—available on all of our indoor / outdoor undercounter units—that instantly up the festive vibe.


Is there anything more cheerful than this vivid Saffron color? It’s not only said to exude and boost positive energy, but it looks great in a variety of design styles. From a Palm Springs-esque, Slim Aarons-style setting to a modern set-up, Saffron inspires an all-encompassing feeling of joy.


A beautiful deep ocean blue fused with an elegant gray slate, Juniper might not be bright but it still has quite the calming impact. Especially in combination with all the summer’s natural blues—pools included. And when there are an abundance of plants on site, the color pops even more. It also conjures up the beauty of ripe, aromatic Juniper berries, the Juniper tree, and the flavor profile of a much-loved spirit, perhaps inspiring guests to rustle up a gin and tonic.


A rich verdant color known to promote wellbeing, balance, and harmony, Emerald is also one of the most loved colors around. From emerald stone laden jewelry to the colors of Irish fields after a long rain, the brilliance of Emerald is legendary. It also happens to look great outdoors, with pools, plants, and/or as a focal point.

Retro Red

This vibrant, fire engine red hue inspires a return to childhood and in some cases, visions of flying down the Pacific Coast Highway in a bright red convertible. From cherries, to Coca-Cola cans, to scene-stealing red dresses, Retro Red conjures up imagery of some of the most iconic and sought-after experiences.


Cobalt, one of the most recognizable colors for its lustrous, eye-popping beauty, instantly recalls visions of the sky, ocean, art, natural stones, and more. From cobalt-blue painted domes on Greek islands, to the late French artist Yves Klein’s frequent use of the color in his work—there is no shortage of love for this brilliant hue.