Winter snow

Everyone of our under counter units is UL-rated for outdoor use, and just because we’re known for keeping drinks cold in some of the hottest places on the continent, doesn’t mean our units aren’t used in some fairly chilly places as well. Each year, our customers facing cold winters ask us, “What should I do with my outdoor True unit in the winter?”

Here’s how to winterize your True unit which we recommend anywhere that sees temperatures below 32 degrees. It’s 3 easy steps.



Food and beverages power button Harsh conditions


That’s all it takes. In order to help stave off those winter blues, make sure you put a True unit inside the house, as well. Perhaps you need a man cave or maybe a “True” chef’s kitchen. 

Note: If you are the owner of a True Clear Ice Machine please view your installation guide for steps to winterize this unit, as it takes a few additional steps. Find the Clear Ice Machine installation guide here.