In celebration of National Wine Day, we’d love to raise a glass of Bacchus-approved wine to toast our much-loved Undercounter Wine Cabinet and full-sized Dual Zone Wine Column. And while we’re doing so, we thought we would share a few storage tips and lessons as to why our units are so important to keeping your favorite vintage perfectly preserved.

Some wines age faster when exposed to warm temperatures while cold temperatures can cause your bottle to freeze. Our units are equipped with two independent temperature zones that allows for complete flexibility in a range from 40 to 65F—a perfect spectrum to suit any varietal.

Our wine units allow for the storage of bottles horizontally. This offers a multitude of benefits:  it not only allows you to store more bottles than you could vertically, but also keeps the wine constantly touching the cork which helps oxygen from entering the bottle. In addition, our vibration-dampening, full-extension glide-out racks don’t just provide ease of use, but keep the bottles as still as possible so as to not mess with the wine’s natural aging process. The best part? Our full-sized Dual Zone Wine Column holds up to 150 of your favorite wines while our undercounter unit configuration holds up to 45 bottles in an attractive, yet compact structure. Likewise, our units don’t just look fantastic—they are customizable with a choice of 60 unique finish and hardware combinations and exhibit exceptional functionality. Each unit is made in-house at our warehouse.

As for one final tip? Keep your wine bottles out of direct sunlight if you’d like to not have the phenolic compounds in your wine react negatively (they are not only said to be good for you, but they also affect the taste, color, and sensation of the wine on your palate).  Investing in a dedicated unit to preserve your wines will pay off with many happy, Happy Hours. Cheers!