Do you think of salt when you hear the question, “What’s shaking?” Many of us reach for it, but here’s the truth: most Americans consume more salt than is regularly recommended by nutritionists. Experts at Canyon Ranch, a leading wellness resort, believe that the most nourishing foods­– and the best tasting­– are both fresh and seasonal. The culinary team recommends splurging on a variety of colors of fruits and vegetables daily. And seasoning foods with an array of herbs and spices is good for the body.

Produce Bins

According to the culinary team at Canyon Ranch, “Research that we find very exciting shows that spices contain compounds with astounding benefits for body and brain– yet another reason to spice it up. Excessive sodium intake is associated with high blood pressure and is a risk factor for heart disease, stroke, some cancers and kidney disease.”

Modern day kitchens are evolving to make this healthier lifestyle easier to attain and maintain for individuals and families by focusing on flow and convenience in the kitchen. Having fresh foods at your fingertips isn’t always easy, no matter how much shopping you do. But our line of refrigeration units both big and small are working overtime for you– we want to help you achieve success in eating healthier. Our balanced forced-air refrigeration systems enable proper airflow and even temperature throughout to keep food fresh. And, our stainless steel interiors are antibacterial, hygienic, easy to clean and do not retain food odors. So chop those onions and serve them up! They’re just one of nature’s gifts in giving food flavor without the sodium.