We all recognize that the heart wants what it wants, and we know better than to argue.

What’s more perplexing, perhaps, is when the heart wants what it wants. One minute you’re thinking of nothing even tangentially related to a Beaux Frères pinot; the next, you can’t imagine how life could possibly go on without it.

We are most of us collectors. Some of us collect for social reasons, some of us as investors. Some of us collect to remember, and some of us for no discernible reason—it’s just in our nature.

Because the heart is unpredictable, many of us collect to give ourselves the best chance at being ready.

We designed the True 30” Wine Column to satisfy the aesthetic demands of high-end designers and discerning homeowners—built to bookend or complement our Full Size Refrigerators and Freezer, and available to customize, the Wine Column is the ultimate design luxury. But we also designed the Wine Column to satisfy the heart.

With its 150-bottle capacity, the Wine Column will be the collector’s favorite appliance. Having a delicately chilled Hamilton Russell in one of its precisely controlled dual zones, a perfectly preserved Matthews claret in the other, and a Château Climens ready at any time, in any company, for any reason—that’s truly cause for celebration, truly a luxury, truly what the wine lover’s heart wants.