Many of us look forward to the holidays all year. There is nothing like enjoying a long, relaxed break consisting of indulging in delicious food, long-winded toasts, and the ever-present board and trivia game nights among family. But while a house full of kids or young adults home from college—many permanently during these unprecedented times—is always something to look forward to, cooking for everyone can be a daunting process, experienced host or not.

While we can’t exactly streamline the cooking process for you, for the first time ever we have been offering homeowners and clients the ability to purchase large capacity commercial refrigeration models from our commercial arm, True Manufacturing for the duration of this COVID-19 crisis. As a family-owned company, we feel that it’s a helpful solution for those encountering the additional storage needs that come with a full house and holiday season cooking.

Grocery shopping for a large group of people sheltering together is no easy task. But with our commercial arm’s large capacity freezers and refrigerators, we can at least help reduce the frequency of these visits. Investing in these units also allows the cooks in the family to pre-plan holiday meals, store them, and allow for the kitchen’s regular refrigeration to serve for everyday needs—or vice versa. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. As most of us come to realize the hard way, preparation is key to a seamless holiday feast and/or enjoyment.

Of note, while our commercial units are not suited for kitchen installation due to the noise factor—larger motors are needed to create exceptional functionality and performance in commercial kitchens—garages, basements, and sheds are perfect spots to host them. Orders are processed within three to 10 business days depending on the location. To proceed with the utmost caution for all persons involved, we are continuing to deliver units curbside only, fully packaged, and on a wooden pallet. A simple installation guide can be accessed online here, and units can be purchased here. We wish everyone a safe holiday season full of delicious food, drinks, and fantastic company! For those that enjoy a seasonal Mulled Wine, don’t neglect to check out Chef Katy Sparks’ easy-to-make yet truly delightful recipe here. Happy Holidays!