Goals. We all have them, and we all dream about achieving them. They’re what you think about in the shower, fantasize about in the car, and hopefully someday in the not too distant future- they’re what you achieve. Home improvement goals can be exciting, and life changing, bringing ease and a feeling of accomplishment into your life. But sometimes projects, especially in the kitchen, can seem overwhelming. The idea of a small change can lead to new cabinets, new flooring, new appliances, new lighting, and maybe even the thought to just sell your home and start over again. So here’s a challenge: focus on what’s most important for immediate change, and start small. That way, regardless of whether your dreams and goals are small or large, a simple addition can bring that same sense of accomplishment, even becoming an inspiration to do more.


Maybe the challenge is that you are new to collecting wine and entertaining guests with anything from a small wine and cheese gathering to a larger scale party. But you don’t know where to store the wine or how to keep it chilled for your guests. A simple change like adding 30″ Dual Zone Wine Column can make a big difference. The column can hold up to 150 bottles with full-extension, smooth-glide wine racks. And the 24″ Dual Zone Wine Cabinet cradles up to 45 bottles, which is a perfect start for the beginning of a beautiful and entertaining collection.