There are few better ways to kickstart your morning than with a deliciously creamy Nitro coffee. Or, let’s be honest, any kind of coffee. Which is why many of our customers are pleasantly surprised to learn that our 24” Dual Tap Beverage Dispenser can easily be configured into a coffee dispenser with the addition of our Nitro Coffee Kit—an optional accessory when purchasing one of our units. And the kit doesn’t just limit one to Nitro coffee, it also supports cold brew, and so much more. We have a whole latte love for it!

Offering the perfect blend of entertainment and on-the-go coffee needs—or get off-the-couch coffee needs—our Beverage Dispenser is also UL-rated for indoors and out. Not only that, but it’s available in 66 carefully curated color combinations that now includes our calming new hue, Sage, and our complementing hardware options such as chrome and pewter.

While many of us can easily list the benefits of an ice-cold frosty beer after work, there are so many interesting advantages to having coffee readily available at home. From cost savings to convenience, a moderate consumption of coffee a day has also shown a possible link, according to Healthline, to benefits such as brain health, weight management, and heart health—among other positive perks. Nitro coffee itself is naturally sweeter than regular coffee yet has a lower acidity, which can not only serve as a better option for those with sensitive stomachs, but it’s also said to have anti-inflammatory properties. Now that’s sweet—without added sugars we might add. In addition, our unit can also serve double-duty as an entertainer’s staple—offering the perfect serve to guests during the day and the perfect after-dinner, pick-me-up. Dare we ask: Where has it bean all your life?