As the holidays approach, we are more excited than ever to introduce our 30” Beverage Column. The new design, although born out of a growing demand from homeowners and designers for a full-sized unit dedicated solely to beverages, perfectly fits into our solutions-based, innovative approach to new introductions. It not only accommodates beverages of every size imaginable, but it can be paired with a 30” Freezer, a 30” Wine Column, or even one of our side-by-sides for the ultimate in custom residential refrigeration. Did we also mention it is solely dedicated to beverages? We’ll take the risk of repeating ourselves as we are thrilled at the prospect of all the festivities yet to come this month. A Beverage Column jam-packed with champagne? Yes, please.


But back to the matter at hand: our new Beverage Column. It not only features our industry-exclusive, antibacterial 300-series stainless steel both inside and out, but the column also comes with our proprietary, ramp-up, showcase interior LED lighting to illuminate the interior. This feature offers a literal look inside the design of a true, high-end appliance, and also comes in handy when making a necessary—yet quick—beverage run during parties, soirées, gatherings and more. Electro-polished stainless steel wire shelving allows for seamless access to beverages from front to back—eliminating the hold-up and subsequent clean-up of spilled or knocked-over bottles, cans, or more. In addition, two PVC Vinyl-coated wine shelves allow for less movement and increased stability of wine bottle storage—a feature we consider of paramount importance. Gifted that extra tall bottle that doesn’t seem to fit anywhere? The units are also equipped with an extra-tall wire basket that allows for upright bottle storage—they also include a cross-support/matrix system that allows for immovability when sliding the basket out. Our intuitive True Precision Control and readout provides digital accuracy and easy operation for homeowners stocking their columns and catering to guests.

We love our new Beverage Column, especially as it also happen to be available in our Build Your True collection of unique custom finishes and hardware options for the utmost in design flexibility. Since the holiday spirit has swept us up, these days we are gravitating towards our Emerald finish paired with brass hardware and our Antique White finish with gold hardware. But take your pick, our True Customizer makes picking the ultimate finish and hardware options to suit your style, easy and fun.