As the sultry summer weather heats up, there is nothing more refreshing than an ice-cold beer. While our Undercounter Beverage Dispenser is ideal for any brew lover who appreciates their beer poured just right, the actual beverage of choice is a matter of taste. But with our Beverage Dispenser—which is handcrafted to dispense the perfect draft pour due to an advanced airflow technology that ensures a consistently frosty and refreshing flow—perfectly chilled beers can be enjoyed indoors or out, and from a 15” single or 24” dual tap.

To get some intel on some of the best summer beers around, we tapped our local St. Louis brewery, Schlafly, for some tips on the best beers for summer and delved a bit into their piquant offerings. Located on Locust street, the company’s Tap Room, Brewpub, and Restaurant’s (officially established in 1991) flagship building was the former home of a printing press designed by renowned architect, Samuel L. Sherer—a scholar of the Arts & Crafts Movement who also became the first Director of the St. Louis Art Museum. But history aside, Schlafly’s Tap Room puts out a very select group of 2,000 barrels a year and brews about 50 beers a year—the company’s combined locations average about 30,000 barrels of beer a year.

Founding Brewer, Stephen Hale, agreed to speak with us and offer his summer brew recommendations along with a mouth-watering pairing (see below). Summer Lager, he says, which Schlafly’s offers in a draft version, is perfect for cities with high heat and humidity. It’s a lighter and more refreshing beer—not many people are looking for an Imperial Stout with weather like St. Louis’s during the summer. Another fan favorite, says Hale, is the Raspberry Hefeweizen, which they brew only during the summer. A light wheat beer, it is unfiltered, slightly cloudy, and looks a bit pink. Its tart and refreshing qualities are in part due to Schlafly’s use of real raspberries, not extracts or concentrates. Next up: Boomerang, which Hale describes as the “healthiest alcoholic beverage out there.” A meade-spritzer, Boomerang is crafted with just three natural ingredients—water, honey, and citrus. At only 90 calories and with zero sugar and a crisp, delicious finish, Boomerang is a perfect summer beer with 4% alcohol. Hale also suggested a year-round favorite: the brand’s IPA—an American Ale that attracts newbies and hopheads alike with its thirst-quenching tropical flavor interspersed with citrus notes. Last but not least, visitors to any Schlafly venue or distributor (Schlafly beers are available in 14 Midwest states) should try the Hazy Pineapple IPA. This delightful brew will make your taste buds dance with a perfectly melded trifecta of haze, hops, and fruit hitting your palate. If you aren’t convinced yet, beer is actually rich in amino acids and vitamins—so enjoy a guilt-free pint and snack pairing!

Taste & Sip Beer Pairings:


Guacamole & Chips; Cheese & Crackers; and/or Watermelon/Prosciutto Skewers

Summer Lager

Grilled Fish Tacos with Red Chili Aioli, Black Bean Corn Salsa, and Lettuce served over Tortillas

Hazy Pineapple

Shortcake with Fresh fruit or Grilled Pineapple Salsa

Raspberry Hefeweizen

Grilled Bratwurst with Peppers and Onions (if there is an Impossible Bratwurst, definitely go with that)