Whether you rent or own, maintaining a home can be a struggle. A myriad of issues from leaky faucets, patching up drywall holes left by rambunctious children, or even more intense projects involving carpentry, plumbing, or electrical can arise, and when that occurs, there is nothing better than having a dedicated workspace. From taking over garages to converted sheds, creating a space where you can test and hone your handyman or handywoman skills is priceless.

A devoted workspace not only serves as an area to learn and/or exercise your creativity, but it can also function as a place to store all your necessary tools and gadgets. Love woodworking? Saws of all kinds, chisels, handplanes, power drills, random orbit sanders, and workbenches are just a few of the items woodworkers need—all of which would take up precious square footage if confined to your main living space. Into gardening? Spades, shovels, and rakes are just the beginning. Large essentials such as lawnmowers and pruning shears not only take up space but are also better kept out of the reach of children.

But aside from the obvious pros of a dedicated workspace, it can also operate as a place to relax away from the daily grind.  A reprieve from work and life, where a project successfully completed can be rewarded with a frothy cold brew. And that’s where our beer Beverage Dispenser comes in. While at first, it might ring as an unlikely place to install one, it’s actually quite the perfect spot. There is nothing more refreshing after a hard day’s work or during a midday break than to sit back and enjoy a refreshing, icy cold brew. Our advanced airflow technology also ensures a truly consistent, frosty pour. Don’t have too much space? While our 24” dual (or single) tap dispenser is ultra-popular, our 15” single tap is equally beloved. It’s all about what suits your needs, or your style for that matter. Each of our units comes in a choice of 60 unique color combinations.