Consider the produce drawer.

Produce drawers in other refrigerators are an assumption, a necessary afterthought to fill in left-over space. The True 48 boasts produce drawers. The True 48 features produce drawers, over 4.5 cubic feet of geometrically clean and spacious soft-close drawers with 300-series stainless steel.

Add to those drawers three adjustable/removable stainless steel door bins and four adjustable/removable stainless steel encapsulated glass shelves, and you have 20.7 cubic feet of refrigeration designed not only to look clean but also to work clean.

Working clean is the mantra of every successful professional chef. Working clean is the heart of hosting and hospitality. That’s why private chefs and caterers love working in and envy home kitchens equipped with the True 48.

“At the restaurant you have everything you need at your fingertips. Space is often very limited at home, so you have to work harder to execute the food. Everything takes a lot longer in your home kitchen. You want restaurant-quality food done at home, but it can be challenging … [But] I have the same mentality at work as I do at home. Keep everything organized and clean.” – Chef Ed Cotton

From the produce drawers to the 120° stay-open doors and the crisp, stainless wire freezer baskets, the True 48 is at once a show-stopper and party-starter, the solution for every demand of the fresh-obsessed host, every need of the guest-obsessed host. The True 48 is, with every cubic foot of intention that our designers and engineers can produce, the purest expression of professional refrigeration refined for the home.

To see the True 48 for yourself—and to visualize its place in your chef-inspired kitchen—please find your nearest True Residential dealer and visit the showroom.

The True 48