Many of us may not be able to fully enjoy an outdoor kitchen year round—Northerners, we’re speaking to you!—but for those who can, it’s worth the investment. For the rare states that don’t experience the full, spectacular beauty of winter—think gorgeous snow-filled days and powdery-white landscapes—being able to enjoy an outdoor kitchen year round more than makes up for it.

While all our undercounter units are UL-rated for indoors and out, there are so many additional tips and tricks to outfit your outdoor area in a manner that is conducive to year-round entertaining. For one, invest in beautiful, all-weather furniture. These days, contract and indoor/outdoor furniture can offer a luxury resort-level appeal. Gone are the days of having to give up form for function—homeowners no longer have to choose between the two. Second, incorporate features such as a pergola, shade, or awning that will offer shelter and protection from the elements.

Third, implement heat lamps, fire pits, and/or an outdoor hearth. They might not fully eliminate the cold, but they will definitely serve to keep your guests warm and comfy. A built-in hearth not only adds to the ambiance but many can also double as pizza ovens. And who doesn’t love a homemade, freshly-baked pie? Sitting around a hearth or a fire pit in the crisp winter air also has an element of romance to it—and is the perfect time to serve delectable dishes such as fondue, chili, or to roast marshmallows over the fireplace for some good old-fashioned S’mores. And as we’ve noted, our large range of indoor/outdoor undercounter units can serve as storage for any type of beverage, food, liquor, or snack. So, tips included, defy the chill and take entertaining to the next level!