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What's Your Style?

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What’s your style? A true designer might say the term style can have personal meaning, the freedom of creativity, and the power of innovation. When purchasing appliances, style is interpreted in two ways: 1) The actual look of a product in terms of color, size, finishes, and features or 2) the message the product sends in terms of period classification like retro, classical, modern, contemporary, etc.

While you might have a certain style in mind that you want to create for your kitchen, the options for achieving your design goals in refrigeration are more expansive than simply housing one unit for all food storage. 

The Minimalist:

When it comes to fitting just the basics into your clean and open space, we recommend The True 48. Our largest refrigerator and freezer unit leaves plenty of room for your grocery essentials while also keeping free the space you need to keep that flowing feel even inside or behind closed doors.


The Modernist:

Glass and open spaces come to mind when creating a modern feel inside the kitchen. Our 30” Glass Door Refrigerator Column can be paired with an identical match for a freezer unit or can be installed right next to one of our standard side-by-side units.

The Classics:

A farmhouse sink, a kitchen chandelier or even a pendant light compliment The True 42 in a classic-styled kitchen. A 30” Dual Zone Wine Column with full-extension smooth-glide racks is a nice tie in to sleek wooden cabinets strategically placed throughout the kitchen.


The Innovators:

Be willing to be bold- you might be the first of your friends to design your kitchen with undercounter refrigeration, drink bar units and an antique white refrigerator with copper hardware. But you certainly won’t be the last! With colors as an option for the main unit and varied metals available for the hardware, it’s time to get your creative juices flowing!


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