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The Story of a Freezer

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In Disney’s Frozen, children are introduced to the concept and fact that ice blocks used to be sold to keep food fresh and cool. While there are still many of us who can remember that time of iceboxes existing, it’s a true story children love to hear, over and over again. It was in 1945 when Bob Trulaske and his father, Frank, and later his brother, Art, developed a refrigeration company in their St. Louis home. They built the first 40 cubic foot upright freezer on the market, right in their garage. They later began manufacturing coolers for beer and soft drinks in a Downtown St. Louis warehouse.

7UpOne warm afternoon, a traveling salesman for 7UP stopped in a neighborhood bar and noticed the refrigerator behind that bar as one of ours, and said he had to know who built it. Everyone else was using expensive blocks of ice, just like Frozen’s Kristoff sells in the Disney movie. And while the fictional setting of Arendelle existed in the 1800s, the true story of the traveling salesman doesn’t seem that long ago. In 1948, the 7UP company bought its first order of True Roll Top Bottle Coolers, and the rest is true history!

And now nearly 70 years later, True offers an Undercounter Ice Machine for inside your own home. Whether you like your drinks chilled or over ice, the serving options are endless. We build with our patented TruLumina Lighting System and make the units UL-rated for both indoor and outdoor use, creating the most convenient and energy efficient ice machines out there!

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