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The True Clear Ice Machine is a reflection not only of commercial kitchens but also of the larger cultural trends that guide them.

Commercial refrigeration refined for the home” is the driving force behind True Residential products, but it’s also something of a philosophy of use for our products. Beyond translating form and function from professional kitchen products to home kitchens, we also design with an eye to the larger cultural trends that professional kitchens reflect.

In the case of the True Clear Ice Machine, we’ve focused on two large-scale, relatively divergent trends: 

1. We’re enjoying a renaissance in craft cocktails. From the revival of Southern cocktails to the speakeasies popping up (not so secretly) around the country, we’re enjoying mixed drinks both old-fashioned and new. A byproduct of this renaissance is a fascination with ice—specifically, the role that ice plays not just in cooling but, more importantly, in the overall experience of our drinks. 

Nothing dilutes the balance of a perfect cocktail more quickly than the off-notes imparted by impure water. To ensure that your mixed drinks speak for themselves (rather than letting off-tastes have a say), we designed the True Clear Ice Machine with a built-in, replaceable water filter and a self-cleaning cycle.

2. We’re eating out less. Over the course of the last five years, we’ve seen a slow decline in restaurant visits. There are many contributing factors to this, and there are several effects, one of them being that we’re entertaining more at home. Whether family-friendly gatherings or cocktail parties (the Clear Ice Machine is rated for both indoor and outdoor use), we’re raising more glasses together.

To make sure that our Clear Ice Machine is as gathering-friendly as possible, we designed a machine that stores up to 28 pounds and produces 70 pounds of slow-melting ice per day—more than any other ice machine on the market. On top of that, the Clear Ice Machine is the first home ice maker to be Energy Star certified, using less energy and water than other residential ice machines.

Efficient, powerful, and pure, the True Clear Ice Machine is a reflection not only of commercial kitchens but also of the larger cultural trends that guide them. To learn more about our industry-leading Clear Ice Machine—and perhaps to sample the ice for yourself—make plans to visit your local True dealer.

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