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Preserving Delight

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A freezer’s job is to preserve. Any functional freezer can do this.

What makes a freezer more than functional—what makes the True Undercounter Freezer special—is its ability to delight.

Perhaps you’re not quite ready to attribute delight to a freezer. What do we mean when we say that something delights us? From the gin cocktail last weekend that was pure delight to a delightful reunion with old friends, delight is, simply put, a combination of unexpectedness and indulgence.

Any weekend guest would expect a place to keep a frozen prepared meal in your kitchen, but a True Undercounter Freezer in a guest quarter kitchenette for that same meal, or frozen fruit for a Saturday morning smoothie? Unexpected, indulgent—delightful.

Your home theater is the perfect combination of cozy and cinematic. From movies to Monday Night Football, the reason your neighbors delight in coming to your house for events is your beverage station—a 24” fully stocked Beverage Center with a True Freezer Drawer, always stocked with frosted glasses.

A home bar equipped with True Wine Cabinets, a True Beverage Dispenser, and Undercounter Refrigerator is special. But that same bar with an Undercounter Freezer holding a blueberry-infused vodka and lemon gelato? Unexpected. Absolute indulgence. Pure delight.

It’s hard to improve upon a sunny summer weekend in the backyard with family and friends: the kids swimming, the adults enjoying the outdoor kitchen, fully equipped for cold drinks, grilled vegetables, and smoked meats. Always improving, always refining, we challenged ourselves to make this experience even better, to make it an occasion not just for enjoyment but also, and more importantly, for delight. Our response? The True Undercounter Freezer, UL-rated for outdoor use, built with 300-series stainless steel, featuring 14 TruLumina colors, filled with frozen fruit and poolside popsicles—unexpected, indulgent, delightful.

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