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Leave It Outside

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“Leave it.” It’s what we tell guests all the time when entertaining and sure enough, someone tries to help clear the table, clean up, and get everything put away. Wouldn’t it be nice to just “leave it” all outside? No back and forth into the kitchen for ingredients, refreshments, plates, prepared dishes… the truth is you don’t have to leave your outdoor party to keep the entertaining going. From grilling stations to full on cooking stations, we have your basics covered when designing what will become an extension of your fabulous home. 

GrillandRefrigeratorsStart with a grill:

If you love to entertain, we suggest designing your space around a built-in unit as opposed to a stand alone one that will eat up space and still require additional components. You can use the grill space just like you would use your stovetop and oven within your indoor kitchen.

Counter space:

Create enough counter space for your grill tools and dishes, but also for chopping and plating. The actual grill should come with space on either side for use while cooking, but you’ll want to add an extension on each side for your serving and buffet needs, storage drawers, and refrigeration units.

Undercounter space:

While it would seem you could take everything you need outside, why not skip the transport step and leave your items outside straight from the grocery store? Choose the Undercounter Refrigerator Drawers for easy meat and produce storage. Add a Beverage Center on the opposite side of the grill for soft drinks, wine, water and spirits. And top it off with an ice machine and you’ll never have to go inside again for one more item from the kitchen! Wow guests with a Beverage Dispenser for the perfect pour of your choice of draft beer. 


Additional tips:

-Make sure you install lights right over your workspace.

-Build your cooking station closer to where guests will sit so you can chat and engage while you prepare a meal. Also, guests will feel more comfortable getting up to help themselves to your drink and ice stations.

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